PlingoBall Game: Great Slot to Try

PlingoBall Game: Great Slot to Try

PlingoBall is an exciting new instant game that brings a fun twist to traditional slots. As the name suggests, the game features a plinko-style setup where players drop balls to hit multipliers and unlock big wins. The vibrant graphics and upbeat music create an immersive atmosphere, while the charming assistants Melissa and Miranda add a personal touch as they help direct the balls.

CategoryInstant Games
Mobile + desktopYes
Mobile verticalYes
Min bet (USD/EUR)1
Max bet (USD/EUR)75
Max Win (USD/EUR)38,325

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Gameplay Features

One of the most exciting parts of PlingoBall is the ability to customize the complexity and challenge. Players can choose to play on a field with 10 to 16 rows, allowing them to find the perfect balance between difficulty and potential payouts. The bigger the playing field, the more obstacles there are to navigate around.

There are also three risk levels to choose from – Low, Normal and High. The selected risk level affects the number of obstacles on the field as well as the frequency and size of multipliers. The higher the risk, the more frequent and generous the multipliers become.

During gameplay, players drop balls from seashells at the top of the field. The aim is to hit the target boxes spread across the playing area. Each box has a multiplier amount attached to it. When a ball hits a box, the player’s bet is instantly multiplied by that amount for big win potential.

The real fun comes from chaining together hits across multiple target boxes in one drop. With the higher risk levels, it’s possible to rack up some huge wins this way when the multipliers align.

To add even more excitement, PlingoBall has two special bonus features…

Bonus Features

The game offers players two exciting bonus features for even more winning potential.

The first is found on the lower risk fields in the form of a progress bar. Each ball drop earns the player progress points shown on the bar. When the entire bar fills up after 100 points, the player receives a random bonus prize. This adds a fun collection element to the lower risk levels.

The highlight bonus feature is the Bonus Game, triggered when 3 bonus symbols appear anywhere on the playing field. This takes players to the biggest 16-row field filled with obstacles to navigate.

Some obstacles are highlighted in a different color and hitting them has extra rewards. If a ball strikes a highlighted obstacle, the player instantly wins a prize equal to their bet multiplied by 11! With the expansive field size and potential for big multipliers, the Bonus Game provides a thrilling way to win massive payouts.

Between the progress bar prizes and exhilarating Bonus Game, PlingoBall has bonuses that make gameplay even more varied and rewarding. Players will love racking up points and chasing those highlight hits for some truly colossal wins.

Visuals and Audio

PlingoBall brings the excitement of plinko to life with smooth, vibrant graphics and animations. The playing field pops with color, ranging from serene blues to hot oranges and reds. Each row of the field is subtly decorated with seashells, starfish and bubbles for an under-the-sea theme.

When the balls drop, the physics look natural as they bounce off pegs and obstacles. The multipliers flash satisfyingly when hit, and winning balls rain down in a cascade of celebratory confetti. It all combines to create a dynamic and immersive visual experience.

The assistants Melissa and Miranda are at the heart of the visuals. These beautiful girls in glittering attire help direct the balls and celebrate big wins with the player. Their playful animations and cheerful expressions really enhance the gameplay.

On the audio front, upbeat calypso music sets the scene from the moment the game loads. When balls are dropped, oddly satisfying sounds create an authentic plinko parlor vibe. Wins are emphasized with chimes, cymbal crashes and the assistants’ enthusiastic voice-overs.

Both the sights and sounds work together to draw players into the tropical, beach-themed world of PlingoBall for an electrifying good time. The slick graphics and bouncy audio make this an instant game that pops right off the screen.

Betting Options

PlingoBall accommodates a wide range of players and budgets with its flexible betting system. The minimum bet is just $1, making the game accessible for casual entertainment. The maximum bet goes up to $75 for those seeking bigger thrills and payouts.

The starting bet level can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen. Once the ball drop begins, the current bet level is locked in place. This allows players to tweak their bets between rounds to control the risk and reward.

PlingoBall also gives the freedom to play in either manual or autoplay mode. With autoplay, players can set the number of automatic rounds to play through hands-free. The autoplay can be stopped at any time by clicking the spin button.

Winning bets are clearly displayed at the top of the screen. This lets players track their running balance as they progress through the game. The max win potential in PlingoBall is a staggering $38,325, providing the chance for major rewards.

With the ability to manually adjust bets, set autoplay, and win up to €38k, PlingoBall accommodates both casual relaxation and big-time risk-taking. The betting controls are smooth and intuitive, making wagering a breeze.

Summing Up

PlingoBall brings a delightful new twist to slots and instant games with its plinko-inspired gameplay. The ability to customize the field size and risk level provides exciting variety, while special bonuses like the highlight hits and progress bar add layers of fun. Melissa and Miranda’s charming presence, the vibrant graphics and upbeat audio create an immersive, tropical atmosphere. With bets starting from €1 and a max win of €38k, PlingoBall is accessible for all. Players are sure to have a ball when they join this action-packed game from Evoplay. PlingoBall is easy to learn yet hard to master, and provides enjoyment whether playing for leisure or chasing big wins. So hit the beach with Melissa and Miranda – fun and fortunes await in this unique new instant game!

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