Lucky Plinko Game: Real Money-Making App or Scam

Lucky Plinko Game: Real Money-Making App or Scam

Lucky Plinko is a popular mobile game app that promises players the chance to win real money through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. The coin-dropping game seems innocent and fun at first glance, but it has come under scrutiny lately as many users are reporting that the app is actually a scam.

This “play to earn” app is operated by Shape Keeper Ltd and is available on iOS and Android devices worldwide. The game itself is simple – players drop coins and try to earn points. But Lucky Plinko is categorized as a sweepstakes game, meaning the coins have no actual monetary value, and winnings are not guaranteed.

While the minimum payout threshold is $100, many users say they are never able to reach that amount or successfully withdraw any earnings. Complaints about Lucky Plinko and similar money-making games have populated Reddit threads and YouTube channels recently.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at how Lucky Plinko works, some of the questionable claims it makes, and why so many players feel it is a waste of time that will never pay out. While it may seem like an easy way to earn extra cash online, users advise against trusting this app to actually deliver on its promises of real money winnings.

Does Lucky Plinko Really Pay?

While the game promises players can win real money through PayPal or gift cards, there is conflicting evidence on whether Lucky Plinko actually delivers on these claims.

As a sweepstakes game, Lucky Plinko does not guarantee any winnings and the coins themselves have no monetary value. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, but many players report never reaching that threshold or successfully cashing out any balance.

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Some users share stories online of earning between $50-$99 easily, yet when they try to withdraw funds, Lucky Plinko does not pay out. A few users say they have received Amazon gift cards as payment, but far more complain they never received any winnings at all.

Overall, there is more evidence from players that Lucky Plinko does not pay out compared to reports of users receiving payouts. While it is possible some people have won small amounts, the majority consensus is that this app ultimately operates as a scam.

Even if occasional gift cards are awarded, Lucky Plinko fails to deliver on its promise of allowing players to reliably earn money by playing games on their phone. Given the overwhelming claims of non-payment, it appears trying to win money on this app is a waste of time for most people.

While the idea of getting paid to play games sounds enticing, players are better off being skeptical of apps like Lucky Plinko that boast big payouts. Unless there is strong proof a game consistently pays rewards, it’s best to avoid assuming it will be a source of easy income.

How to Play Lucky Plinko?

Here are instructions for how to play Lucky Plinko:

  1. Download the Lucky Plinko app from the app store and install it on your mobile device.
  2. Open the app and tap to start a new game.
  3. You will begin with 40 green coins to drop. Tap the screen to release coins from the top.
  4. Aim the coins to hit the pegs and fall into the slots at the bottom.
  5. Green coins that land in slots will earn you virtual cash amounts, starting at $0.01 per coin.
  6. Yellow coins will earn you tokens instead of cash.
  7. Keep playing to collect more green coins and increase your virtual cash balance.
  8. Remember that the coins have no real monetary value, as Lucky Plinko is a sweepstakes-based game.
  9. The minimum payout threshold is $100, but users report the app often rejects payment requests.
  10. While the game seems easy and fun, users widely report it is a scam and does not actually pay out real money.

How to Cash Out on Lucky Plinko?

Here is information on attempting to cash out winnings on Lucky Plinko:

  1. In the Lucky Plinko app, go to the “Cash Out” section.
  2. You must have a minimum balance of $100 to submit a payout request.
  3. Select PayPal or Amazon gift card as your preferred payment method.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cash out process.
  5. However, users widely report that Lucky Plinko does not actually pay out real money.
  6. Many users say they are unable to cash out even after reaching the $100 threshold.
  7. While some users claim to have received gift cards, most report they never received any winnings.
  8. Lucky Plinko is frequently labeled as a scam, with complaints that users never get paid.

While you can request a payout, it is unlikely Lucky Plinko will pay real money based on most user experiences.

Is Lucky Plinko a Scam?

There is significant evidence suggesting that Lucky Plinko operates as a scam despite marketing itself as a legitimate way for users to earn money.

While the app itself is functional and pays out small amounts in the beginning, most users report being unable to ever cash out their winnings. The majority of player experiences indicate the $100 minimum withdrawal threshold is designed to never be attained.

Lucky Plinko states in its terms of service that it does not actually guarantee payment of any winnings. As a sweepstakes-based app, the coins and cash amounts are all virtual with no real world value.

Many players feel the app deliberately misleads users about their ability to get paid. Complaints mention how customer support seems to invent reasons to decline withdrawal requests.

There are a few user testimonials about receiving gift cards or PayPal payments. However, these instances appear to be the very rare exception, not the norm.

The overwhelming consensus from various consumer complaint forums and app review sites is that Lucky Plinko does not pay out as advertised. Players report feeling cheated once they realize the app has no intention of rewarding them. Lucky Plinko promises real money like Plinko Master’s scam app, so play carefully before assuming earnings as problems plague both.

While the game seems entertaining and harmless at first, theabundance of evidence indicates Lucky Plinko ultimately operates unethically and falsely entices users hoping to make money. For these reasons, it is considered untrustworthy and risky to attempt using Lucky Plinko as a source of income.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Lucky Plinko markets itself as a fun game that offers players the chance to earn real cash prizes. However, the vast majority of evidence indicates this app is a scam that does not actually pay out. While a few users may have received small gift cards or payments, most are unable to withdraw any earnings and feel cheated by Lucky Plinko’s false promises. Given the overwhelming amount of negative experiences and warnings, Lucky Plinko cannot be considered a legitimate way to make money. Users are best advised to avoid wasting time and potential data privacy on this deceitful app. Unless credible proof surfaces of consistent payouts, Lucky Plinko remains nothing more than a mirage of fast cash rather than a reliable source of income.

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